Document Import

Allows import from 3rd party systems for onward electronic delivery or document management

Document Import

For sites using MedisecTRUST to generate letters

Occasionally a hospital may want to import letters into MedisecTRUST from external ‘Non-Medisec’ products:

  • Departmental systems that generate letters
  • Letters generated in the main PAS system

They may want to do this for the following reasons:

  • Centralised standard view of all clinical correspondence
  • Benefit from MedisecNET electronic delivery and management

For sites not using MedisecTRUST

Sites may already have local clinical correspondence systems that they wish to keep but they want to be able to deliver their documents quickly and easily using MedisecNET e.g. Electronic Discharge Summaries out of Pharmacy Systems. Please contact Medisec for interface definitions that support this.

The Interface

Bespoke interfaces are expensive to create and maintain. Medisec have designed  a generic letter interface that can be used to import external letters into MedisecTRUST.


The interface to import letters can be installed on the existing MedisecTRUST server. There are no additional hardware or systems software requirements.


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