Foundation trust welcomes revolutionary admin software

An NHS trust has become the latest organisation to introduce Medisec Software’s MedisecTrust system, designed to streamline the way clinical correspondence is managed, produced and delivered.

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust became the latest body to welcome the technology, developed by Medisec Software, which allows medical secretaries to produce and deliver clinical letters and forms electronically.

Kerrie Furness, Project Co-ordinator, said: “The software has been introduced as part of a trust wide initiative to speed up clinical correspondence.

“The system provides a structure for us to be able to generate consistent correspondence for both clinic letters and any ad-hoc communications.

“It is already being used by every secretary in every specialty across the Trust.”

The software allows users to download patient records from the hospital’s main administration system into a standardised letter template. It also allows official correspondence between departments to be carried out electronically.

Kerrie Furness said the Trust, which became the eighth organisation to take up the new technology, was delighted with the software.

“All clinic appointment letters are now generated by MedisecTrust. Clearly it has got a very nice workflow and it is easy to track letters,” she added.

“It has improved our ability to understand and manage the workflow, and to create a standardised output to our customers.

“Users such as medical secretaries can now simply key in text, tick boxes on the system and it gives all the data needed to complete a clinic letter.”

The Trust sees the implementation of the system as the first step towards being able to distribute electronic correspondence to GP’s in a uniform method, regardless of the computer system the GP’s currently use.

Tom Rothwell, Medisec Software Managing Director, added: “We are delighted to be offering our services to Burton Hospitals NHS Trust.

“Receiving complete, accurate and up-to-date patient information will radically speed up many processes and assist with continuity of care after patients have left the Trust.”

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