Macclesfield Hospital hits 24 Hour Targets with Medisec Software

Macclesfield District General Hospital has turned to Medisec Software to re-invigorate the way discharge notification forms are processed, leading to the new 24 hour target being met across the Trust.

The driving force behind the project was the requirement to hit the new targets, but rather than stop at implementing the delivery of discharge notifications with notional content, the Trust took a broader view.

Referring to the Royal College of Physicians guidance on content, the Trust and PCT drew up an agreed level of content for notification communications.

Backed by the Medisec Software technology, the agreed content is broken down by workflow and specialty and designed in such a way as to force hospital staff  to complete the content electronically before they can progress the case further

The system then automatically generates updates (discharge notification forms) for electronic delivery direct to the relevant surgeries. The system has now been rolled out across the Trust and with doctors inputting directly onto the system has delivered excellent results.

Tom Rothwell, Managing Director of Medisec explains: “GPs need as much detailed information as possible to offer the best quality of care, yet they often have to take over the care of patients who have had a major illness with very scant details.  Now a patient can potentially be seen at Macclesfield Hospital in the morning and visit his GP for follow-up care the next day and they will be fully up-to-speed with critical developments at the hospital, such as new medication or test results.”

By capturing accurate medication information when a patient enters the hospital, the system also produces more accurate prescriptions when they leave.

Tom continues: “With Medisec, the hospital can get clear, legible and relevant clinical information to GPs in a much more timely way than they currently do.   As information is captured electronically, it also removes the need to issue a formally dictated letter – usually about 6 weeks later – so it saves on secretarial time and costs too.”

GPs can also access patient records online, allowing them to check future hospital appointments and to ensure that an ill patient will definitely be seen soon enough.

The link-up is part of a range of Medisec Software products aimed at bridging the communications gap between GPs, social services and hospitals in the NHS.

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