Medisec integrates with Healthcare Gateway to improve patient care

GPs are receiving vital clinical updates on Southport and Ormskirk Hospital patients, automatically filed against their medical records, through a groundbreaking paperless clinical correspondence process.

Medisec Software’s clinical correspondence product MedisecTRUST has been pivotal in supporting the delivery of electronically-signed hospital letters into GP practice software systems using the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) from Healthcare Gateway Limited (HGL).

Healthcare Gateway is a joint venture between GP system providers EMIS and INPS. Its MIG technology facilitates the secure exchange of e-discharge summaries and other clinical documents to GP surgeries using EMIS and INPS systems.

“This collaboration provides a comprehensive clinical correspondence solution for secondary care,” said Peter Anderson, HGL’s Commercial Director.

“The secure sharing of patient data across different health service IT systems is crucial for improving operational efficiencies. With the right technology in place, GPs can now receive vital discharge information within 24 hours rather than waiting days or even weeks.”

Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, which uses MedisecTRUST to manage its clinical correspondence process, partnered with Medisec Software, Healthcare Gateway Ltd and Informatics Merseyside to develop the end-to-end electronic process.

The system is fully operational and the hospital will be extending a paperless service for all types of clinical correspondence.

Chris Greene, Urgent Care Systems Development Project Manager, Informatics Merseyside, added: “This collaboration has been a positive experience and will deliver significant benefits for all stakeholders in North Mersey. We are keen to build upon what has been achieved so far with MedisecTRUST and MIG.”

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