Medisec eDischarge

Capture of clinical patient information on the ward during a patient's stay and creation of discharge notifications.

Medisec eDischarge

Ensures the capture of clinical patient information on the ward during a patient’s stay.

As soon as a patient enters the hospital, Medisec eDischarge allows the collection of discharge data to be started directly in to a template agreed by Royal College of Physicians. In many cases, this can create such a comprehensive discharge letter than follow up correspondence is not required. By interfacing with the hospital PAS, the keying of information is reduced which improves data quality and improves communication between nurses, pharmacists and doctors. Enabling high quality information to be recorded quickly by the different clinical staff involved in patient care ensures that the patient can be discharged more quickly which can reduce bed blocking and re-admission rates.

A short form version is available for day case rapid turnaround.

Combining Medisec eDischarge with our MedisecNET products allows discharge information to be sent electronically and helps avoid CQUIN penalties for non compliance.

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