Document Viewer

Integrates with EPR/PAS allowing Clinicians to view correspondence

Document Viewer

MedisecTRUST is the system that medical secretaries use to create letters. These letters are a valuable electronic resource and many other internal Trust employees (consultants etc) would benefit from being able to easily view these without having to use MedisecTRUST. The Medisec document viewer application is a separate web-based utility that can be used to provide a simple way of providing read-only access to any letters saved in Medisec. The document viewer is a web based application which can allow third party computer systems or internal Trust systems to view clinical patient documentation generated by Medisec Software. Because the document viewer is web-based, no software installation is required and it can be linked to any system that is capable of linking to a web-site. The application is driven by passing parameters via an internal URL consisting of a patient number for which records are to be returned and viewed. A user code is also passed as a parameter from the calling system to allow the Medisec audit trail to be maintained.  The document viewer is read only and does not perform any data updates to patient information and the letters can only be viewed and not updated. Where patient numbers can not be passed, a different URL is available that will prompt for a patient number to be entered.

It is possible to configure the system to also require an additional parameter to be used as an extra variable password to control access and guard against direct user access through a web browser.

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