The MedisecPRINT application was developed to allow “signed off” (completed) clinical patient documentation to be printed for non-Medisec Practices. It also allows the centralised printing of letters for Medisec practices that still want a printed copy of their electronic correspondence.  The application allows the printing of any letter type stored in Medisec – both letters generated in MedisecTRUST and letters imported from third party systems.

The letters are printed in practice code order such that all the letters for a practice can be printed together and potentially put in the same envelope to save costs.

Document Export

Exports letters from Medisec to other third party case notes systems e.g. Kainos Evolve, ImageNow also data warehouses e.g. Graphnet and Outsourced printing e.g. Synertec, PSL (Datagraphics).

Document Export allows correspondence from 3rd party systems for outsourced printing, case notes etc. for example, documents can be sent to PSL to print for out-of-area practices


Deliver clinical correspondence electronically to GPs at the touch of a button.

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Key Features


  • Totally insulates hospital trusts from the GP delivery problem
  • Integrated web based module using N3 connectivity
  • Integrates with all leading GP systems including PCTI Docman and Apollo Scan
  • Integrated with MIG Healthcare Gateway
  • TIF Loader integrates with TPP System One, Microtest and Healthysoft
  • API/Protocol for feeds from other NHS organisations
  • Centralised printing functionality to identify physical and electronic mail
  • Option to add attachments
  • Option to feed outside printing facility
  • Integrated Reporting Module provides the confidence to remove paper
  • Shared Reporting Module means commissioners and suppliers are looking at the same performance data


Document Viewer

MedisecTRUST is the system that medical secretaries use to create letters. These letters are a valuable electronic resource and many other internal Trust employees (consultants etc) would benefit from being able to easily view these without having to use MedisecTRUST. The Medisec document viewer application is a separate web-based utility that can be used to provide a simple way of providing read-only access to any letters saved in Medisec. The document viewer is a web based application which can allow third party computer systems or internal Trust systems to view clinical patient documentation generated by Medisec Software. Because the document viewer is web-based, no software installation is required and it can be linked to any system that is capable of linking to a web-site. The application is driven by passing parameters via an internal URL consisting of a patient number for which records are to be returned and viewed. A user code is also passed as a parameter from the calling system to allow the Medisec audit trail to be maintained.  The document viewer is read only and does not perform any data updates to patient information and the letters can only be viewed and not updated. Where patient numbers can not be passed, a different URL is available that will prompt for a patient number to be entered.

It is possible to configure the system to also require an additional parameter to be used as an extra variable password to control access and guard against direct user access through a web browser.

Document Import

For sites using MedisecTRUST to generate letters

Occasionally a hospital may want to import letters into MedisecTRUST from external ‘Non-Medisec’ products:

  • Departmental systems that generate letters
  • Letters generated in the main PAS system

They may want to do this for the following reasons:

  • Centralised standard view of all clinical correspondence
  • Benefit from MedisecNET electronic delivery and management

For sites not using MedisecTRUST

Sites may already have local clinical correspondence systems that they wish to keep but they want to be able to deliver their documents quickly and easily using MedisecNET e.g. Electronic Discharge Summaries out of Pharmacy Systems. Please contact Medisec for interface definitions that support this.

The Interface

Bespoke interfaces are expensive to create and maintain. Medisec have designed  a generic letter interface that can be used to import external letters into MedisecTRUST.


The interface to import letters can be installed on the existing MedisecTRUST server. There are no additional hardware or systems software requirements.



Create, store and view clinical correspondence


MedisecTRUST software is an integrated workflow management solution that can combine Digital Dictation with automated letter generation, processing, storage and reporting capability. It allows you to dictate and create correspondence with a full audit trail of when letters were generated and accessed (providing a central repository).

The technology works with any PAS using bespoke or HL7 interfaces and is fully integrated with MS Word making it a common platform for the vast majority of users and providing familiar functionality.

Our Outcome Analysis Tool sits alongside MedisecTRUST and is a fully integrated Reporting Module providing access to the data for Management Information Systems.


Medisec eDischarge

Ensures the capture of clinical patient information on the ward during a patient’s stay.

As soon as a patient enters the hospital, Medisec eDischarge allows the collection of discharge data to be started directly in to a template agreed by Royal College of Physicians. In many cases, this can create such a comprehensive discharge letter than follow up correspondence is not required. By interfacing with the hospital PAS, the keying of information is reduced which improves data quality and improves communication between nurses, pharmacists and doctors. Enabling high quality information to be recorded quickly by the different clinical staff involved in patient care ensures that the patient can be discharged more quickly which can reduce bed blocking and re-admission rates.

A short form version is available for day case rapid turnaround.

Combining Medisec eDischarge with our MedisecNET products allows discharge information to be sent electronically and helps avoid CQUIN penalties for non compliance.

Remote Dial in

Remote Dial-in allows you to record dictation via telephone. Dictations can be done from any phone whether a fixed landline, a mobile or an internet device. Work or personal devices can be used. The system is securely hosted by Medisec on a remote server that has a secure VPN connection to the hospital MedisecTRUST system. As soon as the dictation has been recorded it is available for immediate transcription.

Speech Recognition

Medisec’s Speech Recognition module offers 2 parallel workflows to support both front end (speech to text at the point of dictation i.e. no secretarial input) and back end (dictation creates background text document for proof-reading/correction by Medical Secretary).  Capitalising on the rich PAS interface, correspondence is

  • accurate
  • timely
  • fully audited

Combining voice technologies with correspondence workflow and word-processing software’s squares the benefit to the user, enabling a true end-to-end speech driven solution. 


Digital Dictation

MedisecTRUST Digital Dictation is an integrated workflow management solution that combines Medisec’s proprietary Digital Dictation platform with automated letter generation and processing capability. It allows you to dictate, create, sign off and deliver clinical letters electronically in 24 hours AND to measure and report back on results.

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Digital Dictation

Recordings attached to patient records ready for transcription Read more

Speech Recognition

Allows dictation directly into the document Read more

Remote Dial in

Access to our dictation system from outreach or community settings Read more

Medisec eDischarge

Capture of clinical patient information on the ward during a patient's stay and creation of discharge notifications. Read more


Create, file, store and view clinical correspondence and discharge notifications Read more

Document Import

Allows import from 3rd party systems for onward electronic delivery or document management Read more

Document Viewer

Integrates with EPR/PAS allowing Clinicians to view correspondence Read more


Electronic delivery of correspondence to GP Practices Read more

Document Export

Allows export to 3rd party systems for outsourced printing, case note systems etc. Read more


Centralised printing and delivery of correspondence to GP Practices where electronic delivery is not possible Read more

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